Family Counseling

Family counseling sessions are designed to keep disputes as rational as possible. When our emotions get the better of us, arguments could easily turn into angry disputes. We can ensure any disagreements that arise are kept structured, fair and peaceful as possible. Therefore, each family member has a chance to voice their opinion.

Some reasons people seek Family Counseling include:

  • Family conflict
  • Raising children
  • Troubled teenagers (i.e. peer pressure, depression, addiction, etc…)
  • Marital problems, separation and/or divorce (see also: Couples Counseling)

Couples Counseling:

Relationship coaching is a solution-focused, success-producing process based on exploration, learning and action. It is a process where the couples are encouraged, guided, and challenged to look within themselves to find solutions. Additionally, we will also help the couple to seek their potential, and to discover actions required for them to move forward towards happiness.

Some reasons people seek Couples Counseling include:

  • Frustration, defensiveness, or anger toward their partner
  • Questionable honesty and trust issues
  • Ineffective communication (such as arguments and conflicts-or silence)
  • Lack of intimacy, romance and passion